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Temples and Science

The places of worship are named in various religions by different names.

In India, the places of worship for Hindus are called temples. Surprisingly, many of us are unaware that many temples in India are more than 3000 years old and it’s been built not only for spiritual aspects but with scientific methodology applied in many temples which even today, we could not do it!! And in the case of many temples, they are older than 3000 years but we would have found the inscription that “This temple was done by the so and so King “. Actually he would have only renovated it and made his imprints there and he has not built is the reality which is forgotten!!

We can see many living examples in temples of South India and please go through below from which we will find the ultimate architectural wonders with spirituality and science they have done in it.

Every temple will have a Sthala purana (History about that temple), Sthala Vruksha (A tree of that temple) or Vimana (The Tower on the top of the Main Deity in that temple and Sthala Theertha (Temple Tank or a river for the temple). These have scientific background which you could see in the following link.

1. NAACHIAR KOIL - Narayur Nambi Perumal (Vishnu) Temple

This temple is located near Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, India.

In this temple, you will find Garuda, the vahana (Vehicle) of Mahavishnu near the sanctum sanctorum.

This garuda is a huge stone more than 6 feet in height. During brahmotsavam festival which is celebrated in the month of Margazhi ( Approximately between December 15th and January 15th), the Kal Garuda will be taken out from its sanctum sanctorum. Only 2 people will lift that big Garuda inside and when they take it outside, the weight of Garuda will increase and from 2, it will be 4 people, then 8, 16, 32, and 64 people as they move on towards the various gates to take Garuda outside the temple, the weight will keep on increasing!! From 2 people, it will grow exponentially to 64 people lifting the same Garuda which was lifted only by 2 people in the sanctum. They are not lying. It’s a true fact you can see even today.

When they come inside the temple and move towards the sanctum of Garuda, the weight will start decreasing and from 64 people, it will be 32, then 16, 8,4 and finally 2 people will keep Garuda inside.

When they come inside the temple and move towards the sanctum of Garuda, the weight will start decreasing and from 64 people, it will be 32, then 16, 8,4 and finally 2 people will keep Garuda inside.

How it is possible??

According to physics, Weight = Mass * Gravity . (W=mg).

If you go to Moon assuming you are 60 Kilograms, what will be your weight there?

Your weight will only be 10 Kilograms because the gravitational pull is only 1/6 (One sixth ) of Earth’s gravitation.

Here in this temple, the weight of Garuda is increasing and decreasing when it is taken out and taken in to the sanctum. It can have only 2 options.

  1. The ancestors of the past would have found out that in that place, the gravitational pull is very low at one point and in that place, they should have kept Garuda and when Garuda is taken out from that place, gravitational pull is increasing resulting in the increase of weight and so the increase in number of people lifting Garuda.

  2. They would have made some prathishta (Installed or Consecrated) beneath the total area of the temple to suppress the gravitational pull of Earth!!

    The 2nd option is the possible way as there could not be any difference in change in the gravitational pull of Earth. It is constant throughout the world.

    It means, they have controlled the gravitational pull!! The present top most scientists could never imagine about this marvel even today is the reality! We fly in aircraft not by suppressing gravitation but giving opposite force to counteract with it where as the Indian Saints have gone to the level of suppressing the huge and mighty gravitational pull in this temple. This is an example of their amount of scientific knowledge on Physics applied in temples.


This temple is located near Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India.

The sthala purana says apart from Vasishta Maharishi worshipped here, the planets in Astrology Sun and Moon got relieved of their Dosha here and so they do Abhisheka every Ghati ( Every 24 Minutes) to Lord Shiva here.

Every 24th minute, you will see one droplet falls on the Shiva Linga from the top of the Garbha Graham (Sanctum Sanctorum).

How it is happening? There is no water tank or any other silly methods to misguide. The people who have built that temple have kept Sun Stone and Moon Stone in proportionate combination on the top. In sanctum Sanctorum, where the air circulation is very low, that stone absorbs moisture in Air in that place and converts it into a droplet and falls on the 24th minute. You can imagine the amount of knowledge they have on this!

They should have analyzed the volume of Air, the height from the Shiva lingam to the top, the length and breadth of the sanctum sanctorum. And the most important is that, the drop of water should fall only in 24 minutes and not irrationally. One must go to that place and see this amazing wonder done by our Maharishis.

In the similar way, there are temples where in a particular month and in particular days, the sun’s ray will fall only on the Shiva lingam or the main deity, nowhere else inside the sanctum sanctorum. It means, they have studied fully the movement of Earth and the corresponding position of Sun related to the temple position and they have made the Prathishta to see to that the sun’s ray falls on the deity alone. How much astronomy and architectural capacity they would have got? I hope, it is not possible by the present Architects, astronomers or astrophysicist to do it. All the works done by them whether be spiritual or scientific could not be repeated or duplicated is what made them the greatest souls of all time!!

As I have told on the sthala Vruksha, Sthala Theertha and Vimana , you can find its scientific importance to us by Clicking Here!!

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