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The places of worship in the holy land India, are called Temples. According to hindu philosophy, God is everywhere and then why there is a need of having temples with Gods in various name and various forms? is the question in the minds of many people.

God is everywhere is undoubtedly true. But, we don’t have the power to realize it. The simple reason is that, we don’t have the power to think what we should think. Can you tell what you are going to think exactly in the next 15th minute? Almost every one of us does not have the capacity to know, what we are going to think in another 15 minutes. Then, how can we feel or realize the supreme God Who is everywhere!

What do we have?

We all human beings haves only two things in life. Knowledge and Experiences! Knowledge and experience are directly proportional. You apply your knowledge in action and you gain experience. And from the Experience, you get Knowledge. This is the case with all of us. If it is true, then, a person having more amount of knowledge and experience should excel high in life. But practically, we don’t see all of them Successful.

A person with limited knowledge and experience controls a superior man,Why? Here comes the solution laid down by the Maharishis and Seers of the holy land, India.They say, “It is the effect of your Karma in the previous Janma or previous birth, which makes you fix in a particular situation. When these karmas of the past are good, you will be influenced with the thoughts which will make you happy and grow. When these Karmas of the past are not good, you will be in a situation to make you unhappy and miserable. This is what an astrologer identifies and predicts from your birth data or your horoscope.

Temples and You:

All astrologers like me can only read and predict your future like how you read various subjects. We cannot change or alter your fate. If it is so, then we ourselves will change our destiny first!

Having realized all these facts, the kings of the past, under the guidance of the holy men with magnanimous heart and love to solve the hurdles in our life, they have built temples.

How temples are built?

Like how you have a birth star, Rasi and your horoscope, every god in every temple have a birth Star. Temples are built in such a way; it counteracts with the influences of the planets and nullifies the negative influence in that holy place like a horoscope. The kings of the past have built temples to eradicate a particular combination of a planet or planets placed in different houses.

To explain in an easy way, if you are having a mobile instrument of a particular brand, you need to have the charger corresponding to those specifications of your mobile instrument. Then only, it will be recharged and so you!

A person born with certain planetary combinations should go to the temple which is built for those particular planetary combinations. The results will come and you will see the growth with prosperity and peace.

Will Srikalahasti solve you Rahu Dosha?
Will Tirunallar solve Sani or Saturn Dosha?

It is not that for all of us, if having Rahu or Saturn dosha, Srikalahasti or Tirunallar will solve. If that is the case people gone there should have their problems solved. It is not so practically for all. Srikalahasthi is a rahu Dosha nivarthi or it will solve the negative effects of Rahu , that is true, but not for all people. It is only for a specific combination in a horoscope for specific people. And similarly all the temples. You will have a different temple which solves your rahu dosha. And so to all effects of the 9 planets.

Each one of us have our own temple which will solve all our problems in Personal, Health,Finance, career and all areas of our life. Like how you have a star, Rasi and horoscope, every temple is built to solve the doshas are the negative influences by various planets in a horoscope.
You have your own temple for your horoscope. Know your temple.

There are thousands of temples for all of us. Every temple are thousands of years old with a very minimal level of maintenance or no maintenance at all, but still it survives thousands of years!! How? Now we are building super structures with latest technologies and with superior quality. Will it survive for few hundred years even? Doubtful. That is the strength of the temple, its power and vibration. Each temple is great in its own unique power and vibration. But, we do not know which temples are built for us. Know your temple or temples to solve all your problems and lead a life with happiness prosperity, success and peace! God Bless you!!

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