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Rahu and kethu are the most powerful planets in giving both good and bad results in our life.

It will make a very ordinary man to the very height of prosperity and if it is not placed in good positions, even big people will face failure and downfall in life.

Since they are very powerful, our vedic astrology gives prime importance to the transits of Rahu and Kethu.

Who are Rahu and Kethu?

As per the Hindu scriptures,Rahu and kethu are the split of an Asura (group of demons are called Asuras) who drank the celestial nectar (Amirtha) along with Devas (group of people who maintain the orders of Gods). The head part of the Asura is called Rahu and the body part is Kethu. We also call them as Dragon’s head and Dragon’s tail.

According to Astronomy, Rahu and Kethu are the orbital node of the moon crosses the ecliptic.

Normally, Rahu will function like Saturn and Kethu will work like Mars. Apart from that, they take the roles of the planets associated with them. If no planets are associated, it will work like the owner of the house in which they are posited.

So, an Astrologer will find the predictions of these Rahu and kethu the most complicated since it involves lot of analysis with enriched experience. That is the reason we see error when we see the predictions and happenings are contrary in many cases.

A person will get favorable results from Rahu and kethu when they are in 3,6,10 and 11th houses from Rasi or from Lagna.

Rahu is the significator of speculation, stock markets, any sort of gambling, powerful people behind politics, black money, foreign lands, exports and imports, desert lands , petroleum, people having their work associated with reptiles. It also makes a person a king even though one may not be qualified for it.

Rahu is the king of illusions. It has the power to influence an enemy to become a friend. People with strong Rahu will be naturally very fast in applying their decisions and get huge success and prosperity beyond their capacity. A powerfully posited Rahu will make a person with powerful magnetism to attract people and will create the way to achieve a man’s objective without any resistance..

Kethu is the significator of Sprituality. It doesn’t mean spirituality alone without Materialistic prosperity. Many have a wrong assumption on Kethu as a planet gives only spiritual growth and it will not give prosperity and success in materialism. It is wrong! When kethu is in a powerful position, it will make a person,the leader of the industry in which he is into. Not only a leader, an innovator, king, minister and all success and prosperity will come in his life.

The only difference between Rahu and kethu is that Kethu gives wealth and success in a legal way and with Rahu it may not be….

Kethu controls chemicals, anything beneath the earth’s surface, religion, meditation, astrology, miraculous powers and Gnana in the area of business.

As the effects and results of these planets are not easy to predict like other planets, as it involves a considerate amount on mastering the subject, we see contradictory predictions.

We have given the effect of Rahu and Kethu For the year 2013. You could go through and that effect will reflect 40% on your life. These effects will combine with the effects of your basic horoscope which is derived from your Date of birth, Time of Birth and place of birth which gives 60% of your life.

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