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Is Numerology true?

Numerology is calculated mainly on three aspects:

  • Your date of birth
  • Your name calculated with values attributed to Albhabets.
  • Your horoscope and numbers of your favorable planets.

1. Your date of birth:

The method calculated based on your date of birth is not even in the vicinity of accuracy! How? If you are born in, say, 1st august 1970. Then your number will be 1 based on your date and 8 based on totaling all your date of birth. Then a number which is good for 1 and 8 is calculated and a number is derived and predicted that is your lucky number!! Numerological suggestions are given based on this..

If we analyze logically, how many people would have been born on the same 1st august 1970! You just think about that, thousands would have been born. Will all have the same lifestyle alike ? NO.

Then a system predicts based on this is only a very very minimal level of accuracy. It is a blind belief to agree it without real truth!

2. Your name calculated with values attributed to alphabets:

In this system, every alphabet in English is given with a value. Alphabets produce sound vibration and your name is fixed based on your date of birth. If the basic calculation of your date of birth itself is wrong, how there could be accuracy with respect to giving names to you based on that! We need to think before taking any applications in unknown mystic sciences!

3. Your horoscope and numbers of your favorable planets:

This is the system calculated based not only on your date of birth. It also asks your birth time and place of birth. Then your horoscope is generated and in NUMEROLOGY EVERY NUMBER IS ASSIGNED TO A PLANET. The planets which are extremely favorable to you are analysed and based on that only, your favorable lucky numbers and name also suggested.

This has got real sense and value as it goes to the accuracy of the birth time in a particular place. Based on this system only, I suggest in MY REMEDY!

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