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Every Temple in India have Sthala Vruksha (A Tree of the temple).

What is the need and significance of sthala Vruksha?

There is a very great connectivity between us and the tree of the temple. To understand it better, I need to explain with a temple.


As we all know this is a Shiva Temple and also Mahavishnu is also here. And this is one among the 274 temples of Shiva sung by Nayanmars and also it is one among the 108 Divya desams of Mahavishnu.

In this temple, the sthala Vruksha is Mango Tree. There was a Mango tree for more than 2000 years in this temple till 2006 and we have lost it because of the carelessness in maintaining it. In that tree, we got 4 different tastes from the same mango tree there.

Every temple will have a sthala purana (History about the temple) and for this Ekambareswara temple, the purana is this:

In kailash, the abode of Shiva, Parvathy (His consort) was playing with him. Just for Fun, She closed the eyes of Shiva. Then the entire Universe would stop functioning as the eyes of Shiva are closed. Then Shiva said to Parvathy,” Even though you did this for fun, the effect of it has become bad and so you got dosha! (Only in Hindu religion, no one is allowed to escape from the law of Karma, even they are Gods, and they should do the remedial measures!). To get rid of it, go to booloka (Earth) and do Tapas and once your Dosha is over, I will bring you back.” Then Parvathy came here and did tapas in this place with a Shiva Linga made of Sand and that’s how Parvathy has become Kamatchi. Once the Tapas fulfills the dosha, Shiva came and Married her in this place and that’s why we see Shiva and Parvathy in Kalyana Kolam ( Bride & Groom) and also we find the Shiva Lingam made up of Sand by Parvathy and it is the reason for us to call this Temple as Prithvi Sthala. (One of the Panchabhootha Kshetra of Shiva).

The other legend is that Sundarar, (One among the Nayanmars) will lose his eyesight because of not keeping a promise and after worshipping so many places, and he came to this temple and sung the hymn. Shiva was pleased by it and he blessed Sundarar, vision for one eye.

There are other Puranas but my purpose is to explain the connectivity of Sthala Vruksha and the temple.To explain, we need to consider the following:

  1. This temple came because of Parvathy closed the Eyes.

  2. This is the temple where Sundarar got his Eyesight back.

  3. This is the place in which Shiva and Parvathy in Kalyana Kolam and the Sthala Vruksha is Mango Tree..

As per Ayurevedic and Siddha Medicines, Eye Diseases are cured from the Mango as there are lot of Vitamin A in Mangoes. Here we find sthala Vrksha is Mango tree and alss this is the place where Sundarar got back his eyesight and the the temple came because of Parvathi closed the eyes of Shiva in Kailash.

Also, if the Sperm count is not in the required level, Child Birth is difficult as we all know and from Mango tree, the medicines are prepared. (Here we see Shiva and Parvathy in Kalyana Kolam as Marriage is to keep Human beings alive) and symbolically they have made the Idols of Shiva and Parvathy.

And as I have found out, there is a temple for every horoscope and not for one planet, assuming, a person’s horoscope is in such a way that he/she has to go this Ekambareswara Shiva temple and If he is not married or if he has problems in Marital life, it will be solved here.

Or if he/she has issues in giving child birth, then worship should be done here and the medicine for that person is from the Mango tree from this region and so they have kept Mango Tree as Sthala Vruksha.

Mango tree comes all over the world but the properties and Taste are not the same. Why? It is because of the differences in Soil, Water and Environment from place to place.

It means evidently, that our Saints of the Past have known 3 things.

  1. Astrology.

  2. How and to whom to build the Temple and its Rituals.

  3. Medicine from Trees for a particular person from a particular place. (It means they know Soil and its nature, Water, Atmosphere and everything).

The next generation people after those saints studied the subject. It looks to me like, people who studied Astrology, they studied that alone and they do not know Temple Rituals or Medicine. In the same way, a person studied medicine, went through that alone and he does not know Astrology and Temple.

Because of that, to a person( a patient) where the medicine is there in a Mango tree in Kanchipuram, that doctor does not know Astrology and Temples and so, he will prepare medicine from a Mango tree from a different place which will not have any impact at all. And that is the reason, we have almost lost the treasures of Ayurveda and Siddha and we falsely come to a conclusion that it is of no greater use than Allopathy and actually, we have not gone fully of the knowledge of our seers of the past and it is our mistake only and not their science!!

In the similar way, every temple will have a sthala vruksha and they have given this to all of us and it is my earnest attempt to bring it back!!

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