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How Temples Are Built According To One Horoscope?

Astrology is a science which predicts the past, present and future of a person based on the position of the planets in the horoscope by the time of birth. It is to be noted that this science was given to us not by ordinary people but from the saints and seers of the past, along with their knowledge and divine powers. It is been practiced as Vedic Astrology in India.

The birth chart or the basic horoscope of a person is calculated based on the Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth. As per the Sastra, the horoscope of an individual is the effect of sum total of the Punya and Paava till the last birth of a person. And according to its totality, good and bad times are predicted at various intervals of time in life.

The most important aspect of Astrology or an Astrologer is not in just reading the life of a person but the objective of an Astrologer is to ensure, the Bad Karma’s influence is totally eradicated or minimized and a person be directed towards the path of betterment and also to emphasize the importance of doing good karma in life.

Karma is generated from our thoughts and yields its result in action. And we all will agree that, we seek astrological consultation only when we see some hindrances in life or to seek a suggestion for our actions to be implemented.

And when a person is running with bad time or under the influences of the bad karmas of the past, we astrologers call it as a dosha and who could solve or eradicate our doshas?

To my little knowledge, no human being can eradicate the doshas of another person (Excluding Yogis and the holy ones who have reached the level of godly hood) and doshas can be solved only by God.

Here in our Holy land India alone, we see numerous Gods. In other religions, we never find these many Gods as in sanathana Dharma or Hinduism.

According to Vedanta, (The end or the essence of the Vedas), God is everywhere and if that is the case, what is the need of so many Gods? This is the question we need to seek for solution and then only we can understand Astrology and Temples better.

Vedas are correct only and God is everywhere only but why we could not realize it? Because we do not know what we are going to think in the next 5th minute from now. If that is our weak state of mind, then how can we realize the supreme god everywhere as we are not even in a position to decide what we are going to think in the next 5th minute? It is wrong to say “ I think this will work out or not” and “ We are made to think” is the actual condition of majority of us.

Every human being has only two things. Knowledge and Experience. Knowledge and experience are directly proportional and a person having knowledge implements in action, he gains experience and in turn he gets knowledge.

The flow of thought is not under our control and that is what is known through Astrology (The good and bad effects)and to overcome the negative influence of planets for a particular period of time, many of us seek the blessings of God to get rid of doshas or tough times.

The beauty of Hindu philosophy is that, it talks about karma not only to human beings but also to Gods. For example, Sri Rama, the avatar of Mahavishnu himself got Brahmahati Dosha on killing Ravana as Ravana is Great grandson of Brahma, a Brahmin indirectly and so we find many gods like Shiva, Parvathi, Mahalakshmi, Karthikeya have all done Dosha Nivarthi.

Before going into the temples and its science, we need to know little bit on Planets and then only we shall have better clarity.

The nine planets have been classified into 2 groups. One is Deva and the other group is Asura.

What we see in the horoscope of a person is the forces of attraction and repulsion by various planets acting on Earth in various intervals of time and a pattern is identified from the birth chart and so to all people with different birth charts.

The power of attraction is what is termed as Centripetal force and the power of repulsion as Centrifugal force. These 2 forces are working continuously.

Every temple have been built by taking into account the amount of attraction and repulsion which will work in a pattern for a similar type of horoscopes of many people and it’s been built to eradicate the negative influence for that particular pattern.

Like how we have a birth star, every god has his birth star.

For easy understanding, take Mahavishnu, His Nakshatra is Sravana or Tiruvonam in Tamil. We find so many Vishnu temples in Tamilnadu and if his nakshatra is Sravana, then all Vishnu in all the temples should be Sravana only!!

But practically, it is not like that. If you go to Tirupathi, they will say this Perumal Nakshatra is sravana. But if you ask in Srirangam, you will find that perumal is with Revathi nakshatram. If you go to Kanchipuram Varadharaja Temple, we will come to know the same perumal is with Hastha Nakshatra there and in the same way to many perumal temples in various nakshatras. And in the same way to many temples of the same god Shiva, Karthikeya etc.

To understand better, who have renovated or built these temples in India which are older than 2000 years?

Kings of the past only!!

If we see the history, we will find many Kings have always been into building temples as his main work and what is the need?

A king will have certain negative influences in one period of time and to overcome that particular combination of influences, under the guidance of holy astrologers of the past, he will build a temple.

A temple will be built in taking into account the birth star of the god and the birth star of the person building the temple and calculating these two nakshatras, they will come out with one auspicious day for these 2 stars and the star which comes on that auspicious day becomes the birth star of that god. And if in Srirangam, Perumal is Revathi, it means, on the day when Revathi nakshatra had come, the pradishta has been made and so on to so many gods and so many temples.

The type of stone which has to be used for the main deity, the height of the deity, the length breadth and width of Garbha Graha (Sanctum Sanctorum) is entirely based on the nakshatra only and that is why we see in one temple, the height of the god is small and in another it is big and so on. And the other gods in the same temple will be built exactly to counter react the influences of all the 9 planets in the king’s horoscope.

We all know that there are gods attributed to all the 9 planets and they are given below:

Sun – Shiva

Moon- Ambal

Mars- Muruga or Karthikeya

Jupiter or Guru- Dakshinamoorthy

These 4 planets are the planets exerting Centripetal force and these gods you will see in a Shiva Temple only.

Mercury or Budhan- Perumal

Venus or Sukra- Mahalakshmi

Saturn or Sani- Hanuman

These 3 planets are under the centrifugal force.

The remaining planets Rahu and Ketu are only nodes and they change their stands according to the position in the horoscope or birth chart.

In astrology, there are 12 Rasis in which all these 9 planets keep moving in this 12 boxes or rasis continuously for many millions of years.

Then, it is true that the same horoscope of yours should have been repeated earlier some 2000 years back and the person with the same horoscope of yours would also have lived the similar way of life like yours!! And if he is a King and if he has built a temple for the similar horoscope of yours, if you go to that temple only, you will have all the negative influences eradicated and blessed with prosperity is the secret behind every temple.

Unfortunately, this is not known and we assume falsely like, for one planet, say Sani Bhagawan, Tirunallaru is there or for Rahu, it is Kalahasthi etc., which is not fully true.

We need to go to the temple(s) built according to your horoscope and that is where the real solution is and that is my earnest attempt to bring back the invaluable treasures given by our ancestors and the divine people.

Apart from these, our holy people of the past have explained their amount of scientific knowledge they have. There are so many temples to prove it but I would like to conclude with one example.

Take for Example, Naachiar Koil Perumal Temple. It is a Place near Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu.

In that temple, we will find a deity called “Kal Garuda” the vahana of Vishnu.

That Garuda is 7 feet tall made of stone. During Utsavam, Priests will take out that Garuda Bhagwan of 7 feet height and only 2 people will lift it inside the Garbha Graha of Garuda. When they came out from it, the weight of Garuda will increase and 4 people will lift him. And further when they come out to the next praharam, 8 people will lift as the weight of garuda will keep on increasing as he is taken away from his garbha graham and when they come further outside, 16 people will lift him and when they come near the entrance of the temple, the same garuda which was lifted only by 2 people inside the garba graham will have 32 people being lifted.

How it is possible? Even now this wonder is happening.

When they take back garuda towards his garbha graham, the weight will strat decreasing from 32 to 16, 8, 45 and finally only 2 people will keep him inside the garbha graham.

Here we find the weight of Garuda is increasing when he is taken out from a point and weight is decreasing when he is brought towards his garba graham.

According to physics, what is weight? WEIGHT w= mg (Mass * Gravity)

Here in this temple, if weight itself is increasing and decreasing!! It means, the holy and the great ones have made some Pradishta below the surface of the temple to suppress the gravity of Earth and the maximum suppressed point of gravitational pull is where the Garbha Graha of Garuda is kept and when he is taken away from that point, the gravity increases and so the weight of Garuda.

Here we find that, our holy people have suppressed gravitational pull itself, where as the present modern science can’t even think about it!!

It is our duty to bring back the treasures given by them to the people living today and to come!!

If we go to the temple built according to our horoscope and worship, surely we shall have betterment in life and that is my attempt by the grace of God!!

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