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Is God there? why there are so many gods?

The question or enquiry about God would have been the most extensive topic done by human beings so far and in future also it will be. The most number of lives of people are lost in the name of God than anything else in this world! We are all like parrots and blindly repeat what our men have told us and many of us do not have the courage to face truth directly. In India, the holy country in which I am born, there are hundreds of thousands of God all over the country. Each one of us may have a God on his own. I may have a God and my own brother will have a different God and so on to many people in India. Surprisingly, they will not fight between themselves as to whose God is superior! Why? In Vedas, the ultimate of Hinduism, says that God is everywhere and all are God only. The saint is a part of God and the Robber is also a portion of God! We could not see the reality because we have not even mastered ourselves. How can we realize the God who is everywhere without realizing who we are!! We even do not know what we are going to think in the 15th minute, nay, even in the 5th minute, but we say I am thinking. It is a mistake to say `I THOUGHT and actually we are MADE TO THINK is real truth. Then who makes us to think? The Indian scriptures say it is the effect of panchabootha viz. fire, earth,air, water and akasha on us! These effects of the 5 elements is what a human being has at different periods in life and Astrology tells you how your thought will be and how the result of your actions will be.

To know reality, we need to know how to control our mind and body is the first principle laid done in Hindu scriptures. The next question comes, How to control our Mind? It says, concentrate on any object continuously without any disruptions. We could not concentrate on an object just like that! It is not so easy. So, they have developed various forms and names of gods who is actually one God. Why they have developed so many gods? Because, every human being is not same in terms of Mind and body. You may like a white colour and I may not like it and similarly in so many aspects. They have realized it long long back and for every human, to have great level of concentration, there are so many Gods in various forms and names. Why names and forms? Because we cannot think anything in this world without name and form. Just try to think anything with name alone and without form. Or form alone without name. we cannot! These things they have analysed and came out with a name and form which will give faster concentration levels. At one point, your mind will continuously be involved with that God alone and from there your real religion starts, till such time, it is all theories for the world! Unfortunately, we don't have the capacity to think in one object for even a minute. Understanding all these problems, the people of the past in India, who reached those higher stages laid various Gods who reached godly positions. And their powers will be felt at a particular place and those places are called Temples! Every man has desires and if his desires get fulfilled only, he can think about the next which is beyond or he will go for bigger desires. When your desire for yourself is lost, you will see God is not in a different place called heaven, he is with you and with everything! Till such time, we need Astrology and because of that they have given this invaluable subject. They knew the weakness of people and for that also, they have given solutions and keep pushing us towards betterment. The maximum is we realize god within us!

Astrology indicates your mind and body based on your birth details and tells you which form and which God will solve your problems. All Gods in India (eventhough they are the one and the same) have been worshipped in places called Temples where he resides in a powerful way! Each temple is built taking into account the effects of 5 elements on us . You just think, there are millions and millions of people have lived and also living now and will be so in future and no two people have the same thought flow at a given point (exclude saints and real holy people). And all these influences are calculated and every temple will create a vibration to solve a specific pattern of mind and body of various people. To know more, see TEMPLES AND THE EFFECTS..

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Temples and the effects

Temples in India are the treasures of the country than anything else! The marvelous structure is there not just few centuries but thousands of years old, but still it is not old, young! Imagine we build buildings with latest technology and will it survive 200 years? Doubtful and 99%, it is not possible. If you see a temple here, without any maintenance, is surviving by itself.

These temples when we go through history and through the systems of Archeology, we come to know that these were built by Kings of the past dating from 2 century BC to 4th century AD like that..Actually, these temples are not just 2000 years old, it must be older than that and may be, before 2000 years, some King would have renovated and recorded in inscriptions which our researchers say it is 2000 years old , things like that.

To understand it, we need to go back to puranas and scriptures. Here in South India , we have a place called Rameshwaram. And the main deity is God Shiva, which was made by Sri Rama of Ramayana, the great epic. If that is the case, then it should have been millions of years old and we resear id='ques9'chers can trace only the last renovations. Assuming I renovate a temple some 1000 year old temple and have my details in the inscriptions. What will happen if in future, after 1000 years? The researchers of that time could only predict that it was built by one Srinivasan, things like that, but actually it is not true with respect to the temple! This is what could have happened to all these temples in India!

Lets come to the effect of the temples.

Like how a person has got a birth star and rasi, in the similar way, esivery deity in a temple will have a birth star and Rasi. And these temples are built according to the classification of the land and identified based on which of the 5 elements have got more predominance. And then, the temple will be built taken into account of the birth Star of the deity and structures are mainly decided based on that only! Why different gods have different birth stars? Because different people are born in various stars! And again, it takes into account of a particular combination of planets in a horoscope and it is built.

Three things are important in a Temple.

  • Sthala viruksha (The tree of the temple)
  • Sthala Theertham (The name of the water tank or River)
  • VImanam ( the structure which is above the main deity of the temple)

These trees are the only living organism living simultaneously below and above the surface of the land. I don't see any living being living at the same time below and above the earth surface.

These trees absorb the energies below the earth and above it absorb the energies of planets. It also retains and emits a vibration which will solve the problems of human mind! This could be seen imaginary, but actually it is true. These trees should have got the power based on the structure of the temple and the vibration from the main deity, we need to research on that!

In the similar way, Sthala Theertham and Vimanam are!

And every temple will vibrate with a frequency we can say for easy understanding! Like every Mobile instrument has got a Mobile Charger, Every human mind has got a temple to charge on positive vibrations, eliminate problems and promote prosperity and what we actually wanted. The main purpose of astrology is mainly focused on the remedy and that remedy could be given only by God , no body else. Astrologers can only read your fate, but can never alter or change the fate. If it could be done, every Astrologer can change his/her fate and lead a life what they wanted. It is god and God alone can come for our rescue.

In the similar way like in India, there are places of worship spread across the world attaching to every religious methods. Even in that, these effects should come. KNOW YOUR TEMPLE and lead a life without friction blessed with prosperity and peace!!

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