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Is Astrology true?

Its always better to start any subject with disbelief. Blindly believing things may end up in disasters in our life.

What is astrology?

It talks about the influence of planets in our solar system on us.

How can they influence us?

Our earth is attracted by planets in our solar system like Mars, Jupiter etc. which is called in physics as centripetal force. And our planet repels with a force called as centrifugal force. This entire solar system is nothing but the effect of these centripetal and centrifugal forces.

An astrologer talks about it only, many astrologers themselves are not aware of it!

When the huge ball of earth and all planets are working with huge forces, naturally the effect will also be on us! If it is not true, then we should deny gravitational force of our earth which makes us to stick on to earth.

These forces act on our mind and body. This could be calculated only from the time you born in this world and that is why your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth is sought from expert astrologers! Without time of birth, an astrologer could not ascertain what was the pattern of influence of all the planets at that time which will decide your entire life, if you don't know your time of birth, do not see astrology, it is useless and valueless to you! Based on your birth details, your nature, behavior, temperament, your fortune and periods of setbacks etc.. are analysed based on that pattern at the time you're born. And from there on, how you will be undergoing your life at various phases of life is predicted at various pattern of forces on you!

Actually it is that force of attraction and repulsion of all the planets makes you to think!! If not, can any one tell us what we are going to think exactly in the next 15th minute? To my knowledge, I don't know what I am going to think in the 15th minute.And we say we are thinking!! What a beauty of life! We are made to think by these forces of all planets towards a particular person.

Thoughts are the roots of our action and action is our result!

If an astrologer says your time is good, it means, the flow of influence on you by the planets during a certain period is good and if it is bad, it means the negative influence on you by the planetary forces!

And that is the reason, we all have been told to concentrate our mind at one single object or with divine god.

A scientist invents because of his concentration fully on his own researches or his subject.

A saint becomes holy because his concentration is turned only to god always and nothing else!

You will surely be successful if you concentrate fully on your professional and in personal life!

See your astrology and learn your nature and also learn how to perform at various phases of life!

It is a real guide for our life! Is it not so?

N.B. When good time is there for you, work hard with all your energies to maximize your betterment.

When bad time is there for you, still work hard with all your energies with adequate precaution to eradicate evils and get growth there too! All the best!

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Astronomy & Astrology

Astronomy tell us about the physical and chemical composition of planets, solar system , galaxies and attempts to find species there and unveils the effect of it on our earth. It talks about the three states of matter viz..solid, liquid and gaseous states and energy. Astronomy is a science ,no doubt in it and the advancement we see in it is a remarkable achievement for all of us.

Astrology tells us the effect of these celestial bodies on living beings, especially we, human beings and also on our earth. Astrology says, matter is the cause and the force is the effect. This world is with this cause and effect only which is clearly illustrated in astrology alone!

It further says about your behavior, your fate, your fortune, your prosperity, your love and all areas of your life!!

Astronomy is a part of astrology actually! If astronomy is the cause, then astrology is the effect.

Without astronomy, there is no astrology since it talks about the placement of planets. But it is the astrology explains us the effect on us and our life by all these celestial planets! Astronomy can never tell the influences of celestial objects on our mind and body to us individually!

Astronomy deals with matter and energy whereas Astrology tells the effect of this matter and energy on us!

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